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Super stoked to announce that I’ll be playing a very special set on Thursday, February 1st at the House of Blues in Chicago.

This will be quite a different show in many ways — I don’t want to give everything away, but I can assure you of a few things:

  1. I’m playing first, so make sure you’re there at 7pm sharp.
  2. Though I’m still playing the hits, there’s going to be plenty of new music that I know you’re going to dig.
  3. You can buy tickets through the House of Blues (please make sure you use promo code “Joel” or I won’t get the credit) or you can come to any one of my shows before then and I will sell them direct and save you the handling fees.

Hope to see you there for a great night of music in a great sounding venue in a great city.

And as always, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.




I’ve really been looking forward to this year. 2017 was brutal, wracked with disappointment; but I’m also able to say that 2017 was also the best year of my life. I saw corners of the world I had never seen, I celebrated life and new relationships, and I married the Viking Queen.

She and I were talking and we both feel a wind of change coming — particularly in the arts. The wind has caught our sails and all of us are going to share in something spectacular this year.

Be sure to check back here, and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new content and shows. Wishing you all the best in 2018,




After a lot of hard work by a lot of hardy folks, we are proud to announce the release of our Christmas Showcase, called “Outta Christmas Time,” recorded live at Ovation in Chicago.  S. Joel Norman performs his arrangements and original songs with the East Hubbard Jazz Ensemble.

The four-song showcase is also available for purchase here.



The first leg of the S. Joel Norman Midwest Fall Tour, with a new lineup, new music, and new haircut.

Is there a place you live, but don’t see it on the list? Send us a message or hit us up on twitter or Instagram. @sjoelnorman

Sept 24, HIFI, Indianapolis, IN

Info and Tickets

Sept 30, Frankie’s Blue Room, Naperville, IL


Oct 7, The Pink Piano, Crown Point, IN

Info, free show!

Nov 18, Reggies, Chicago, IL


TBD, The Livery, Benton Harbor, MI


“I’m a drinking expert.”

What is it about bars? I don’t know. The smell, the dark wood, the escape — I love it. I heard once that Chicago has more bars per capita than like anywhere or something and I liked that fact so I never checked to see if it was right. Either way, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are my top picks.

5. Bullhead Cantina – California and Division

Located around the corner from my old digs, this Humboldt Park gem shines like a pristine scratch ticket on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s got a friendly staff, whiskey-oriented bar, and the NO BULLSH!T special: a shot of whiskey, a tallboy, and a designer taco of your choice for $6. Try the grits & kale, it’s the best one on the menu. Cash only.

4. RichardsMilwaukee and Grand

This place is my El ticket to Happytown. It’s a classic Chicago dive. It’s got hilarious regulars who they should have casted for Chicago Fire. It’s got some fantastic art on the walls, the jukebox is solid, and for some reason you can still smoke cigarettes inside, which is pretty rock and roll. If memory serves, they’ve got a 14” tube TV you can catch the Sox on.

3. BeetleChicago and Maplewood

Big windows, open spaces, and high ceilings make this place a breathe-easy environment. It must encourage people meeting and having conversations, because I’ve had primo chats with random Uke Villagers. Family-friendly with a good kitchen and fully stocked bar with solid rotating specials. I even took the Viking Queen here on our first date.

2. Zebra LoungeState and Division

This piano bar is tucked between some of the wealthiest parts and some of the most brotastic bars in all of Chicago. It’s in the bottom of a month-to-month apartment building. It is a freak beacon. From Boogie hounds to friendly shemales, woolly parties, schizophrenics, sassy bartenders, bored trophy wives, and rabid investors. Celebrity appearances have included Bill Murray (tequila), Dave Chappelle (Heineken), and Jeremy Roenick (Bud Light). It’s where I cut my teeth. I call it Hogwarts.

1. Floyd’sArmitage and Oakley

Situated in a Schlitz Brewery-Tied House built in 1898, this Bucktown staple boasts the mantra, “Come for the food, stay and get drunk.” The food is certainly great (if there is a food special, get it). The bar is assuredly full (if there is a cocktail special, get it). Darts, killer soundtrack, and a great place to watch Cutler loft an interception. It’s where my cronies and I hatch our most dastardly schemes, and where I don’t remember leaving the most.

Honorable Mention: Wyler Road – Central Park and Belden

Creative combinations of booze and food served by beautiful tattooed people tucked away on a quiet corner of Logan Square. A nice back patio for when you and your friends want to melt into a cocktail. Bartenders know some good jokes as well. Would have made the list, but Wyler needs a few more reps to prove herself.

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  • Leftover Christmas Party #waitwaitdonttellme
  • Maybe they are in need, maybe it’s a sign of the end times. Either way, come to my show @hobchicago on Thursday! (Link in bio)

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  • I just got an email alert from @spotify about a concert I may be interested in. Hope you are too. Link in bio — use promo code “Joel”
  • Good to see Judah crush again. #nyc #tour #businessandpleasure
  • Off to NYC for a tick. 
But you still need to come to my show at House of Blues Chicago on 2/1. 
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  • I return to the House of Blues in Chicago on 2/1. If you wanna order online (link in bio) use promo code “Joel” to support me. 
If you wanna dodge the fees then just buy them from me directly at any of my upcoming shows listed on my website. 
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